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Programming and testing bench for electronic boards equipped with microprocessor. Equipped with bed to needles for the direct contact-point present on the boards under test.
The bench is able to program the firmware in 5 electronic boards in the same time and the final functional test.
The functional test is carried out automatically according to the sequence freely programmed by the user; during the test are recorded various values of current and voltage at various points of the circuit

Custom electronic boards automatic test bench

 Automatic Test bench for custom equipment whose operation is based on electronic cards with microprocessor.

The testing sequence is freely programmable by the user and allows to detect values of current and voltage at certain points in the circuit and in certain conditions. It also measures the vibration and the air flow produced by the fan inside the equipment in order to assess suitability final.

The bench is equipped, in addition, of the printer of adhesive labels and bar-code scanner in order to ensure the coding and traceability of each equipment tested.

Custom electronic assembly test bench

 Computerized bench for functional testing of solenoid valves for diesel fuel intended for use on diesel engines.

The following values are measured:

  • flow with valve open
  • leakage with valve closed
  • opening and closing time 
  • operating pressure
  • voltage supply
  • current absorbtion

All test results are stored in the customer's database and printed on test reports.

Fuel solenoid valves test bench

Semiautomatic machine with assembling rotating board with welding induction station. 100% line control for the micro loss on the component welded  with scrap’s expulsion.

 Electrical cabinets for great testing equipments  (motors test bed, life car’s rim test bed, motor vehicle gear test bed).  
 Manual test bed for domestic refrigerators thermostats.

Test temperatures from -40°C to +15°C.

 Automatic test bed for domestic refrigerators thermostats with automatic issuing of the test reports and statistic analysis.

Test temperatures from -40°C to +15°C.

 Security belts performances computerized test bed with data’s survey and final report emission.  
 Thermostats adjusting baths with 4 or 5 tanks and automatic tools for adjusting thermostats. Temperatures from -40°C to +15°C.  
 Thermostats running-in and control beds.  
 Automatic  assembling  lines for little components with automatic control and adjusting stations.

Automatic high voltage test 

 Pressostatic and dielectric rigidity test bed for evaporation thermostats.  
 High performance computer-based test beds with final reports issuing.  
 Design and builds of  portable test equipments  
 Design and builds of polycarbonate synoptic panels supported by electronic circuits.