Laser trimming machine

Inductive proximity switch calibration and testing machine

Laser trimming

Recently H.S. Progetti srl has designed and built a machine for automatic calibration and testing of inductive proximity sensors for a imortant producer of this type of product. The calibration of the sensing distance of the sensor is performed by placing the target (metal part for sensor excitation) to the theoretical operating distance from the sensor head and lowering the ohmic value of a resistor placed on the PCB of the sensor by means of laser-trimming, up to providing the right value that is obtained at the precise instant of switching of the sensor. This technology allows to quickly affect the surface of the resistive component by means of the laser beam exposing the ceramic support.

Once the calibration, the component is subjected to the test during which detects the intervention points and hysteresis.

The salient features of the island of work are the following:

  • fully automatic (the piece to be processed is placed on pallets and transported to the station by a conveyor belt)
  • High processing speed (about 8 seconds for trimming and testing of a standard sensor)
  • High accuracy and repeatability, thanks to the use of linear actuators with centesimal precision and vision system for driving the accurate positioning of the origin of the track of the laser
  • Countless types of sensors processed (PNP, NPN, Namur, NO, NC, analog, etc.) with a variety of shapes (cylindrical diameters from 4.5 to 30mm and rectangular)
  • Machine interfacing to the costumer database containing the parameters of trimming and testing of each model

Click HERE to watch the video clip of the machine