Who are we


An individual company  was born in 1983, it was called H.S. SYSTEM in order to design and to produce electronic equipment, it was transformed in H.S. PROGETTI S.n.c. on January 1986, the office was in Coazze in the north-west of Italy.

In that time the production concerned boards and electronic equipments. In those years the supplying service on uninterruptible power supply represented the main body of sales. In 1993 the electrical panel production started  and in 1994 the first machines with industrial automation were produced for foreign countries. At the beginning of 1996 the company was transformed from a family company in to an unlimited company and it took the current name H.S.PROGETTI S.r.l., it started a new corporate development fixing one’s attention on the production of automatic machines and on general test and inspection benches. Since 1997 the development has been continuing also thanks to new workers  and new investments, up to the moving in the new establishment in Ferriera di Buttigliera Alta not far from the old site. We have been able to obtain fast developments thanks to the consolidation our relations with other companies and so the spreading of production towards foreign markets.

Now the H.S.PROGETTI is in a modern building of 1200 square metres of which 1000 metres are covered, it isn’t far from the Torino-Lione motorway exit. The establishment-structure is guided by a general management, that is so consisting of:


  • a technical office, that is able to generate by its self the electric and electronic planning and it is able to keep in contact with strategic suppliers an equipped electronic laboratory that is able to carry out test and trial


  • a workshop of production with of test’s department


  • an independent administrative office, that is able to conduct fiscal question and bookkeeping


The main activity concern the planning  and building of automatic machines, check benches and general test and inspection, the supplying of software for PLC and  supervision software,
we supply assistance service for ourselves and for other companies as well as the marketing of systems for preservation of energy (uninterruptible power supply). The direct export concern 11 countries of which 7 extra-EU and they represent than 50% of sales. Generally H.S. Progetti S.r.l. is able to design and to produce automatic tools and machines suitable for different purposes, most of the machines have been produced for appliances industries including soldering machines, packing machines, test equipments for domestic refrigerators and boilers, test equipments for seat belts and airbags, automatic machines for assembling small parts like contacts  or big parts like vacuum cleaners. The know-how at H.S. Progetti gives us the possibility of developing and building automatic tools and machines really in many different fields of applications.


UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system certification

The quality system of our company is certified by TUV since 2003. The certificate number is: 50 100 3222 - Rev.04 and it is valid for the following scope: Design, assembly and service of automatic machines, inspection and control benches, software developement (IAF 18, 19).

To obtain a copy of the certificate please make a specific request.